Yankees…good for baseball…or bad you deside

Most baseball enthusiests know that the New York Yankees have the highest payroll in Major League Baseball.  When it comes to playoff talent there is no major league club that comes anywhere close to the experience and raw talent the club has on all areas of the field.  Is so much talent on one team, and payroll good for healthy competetion?   

Every major league player has better then average talent, but what is it about the Yankees that make them so formidable and almost unbeatable in the playoffs.  I believe that there is two sides to every major league players Talent.  There is the ability to make plays, and there is the ability to make plays in tough absolutely key situations.  Playoff baseball is totally different then regular season baseball.  The pitching tightens, the coaching and decisions more finely scrutinized, and the hitting becomes harder.  This is where the better then average baseball player is key.  The ability to get a big hit against tough pitching, and the ability to throw pitches that are almost unhitable has been a yankee trademark for many years now.  Every year we see new talent in the playoffs, and every year continually teams are elimited by this club.  If the players are different, and the clubs continually change, why are they not finding a way to beat the Yankees in a playoff series.  The answer is found in the $.  If you sign the leagues  best need a hit in key spot batters you will get them with tough pitching in a playoff series, If you pay the best pitchers to pitch for you you will get the best results.  Players that are worth more market value get what they get because of the unbelievably good performance in pressure situations.  IF I am a major league player and a team wants to pay me more then I am going where the money is.   The yankees gather up this raw talent.  Some would say this is buying results, I believe that would be an accurate assumption.   We have all seen movies that portray the down and out baseball teams in some low value market that are forgotten about and some coach comes in and inspires them to believe and they will win.   Many baseball fans are inspired by the advertisements of their local team, and the wonderfull experience of the game as well as the community that comes around the team itself.  They believe in their heart that they have a good shot at the championship.  Excitedly they go buy the team merchandise, and anxiously await the playoffs, but the Yankees have 206 Million reasons that your team will not prevail.    Why 206, well that was the Yankees payroll for players in 2010.  The next closest team was the Boston Red Sox at 162 Million.  The  Minnesota twins that have been eliminated systematically by the yankees four of the last five seasons have a 2010 payroll of 97 million.  The twins have made effort to sign and keep better players, as they have increased the payroll from the previous year up from 65 million.  The Rangers are another team that has been systematically ousted by the Yankess for the last nine post season appearances against them.  The Rangers reported a ******** 55 million 2010 payroll.   I am not mathmatition but this is an unbalanced equation to me. 

 If you were to say that money is not an option and go out and get the top salesman from the biggest car dealerships in the nation and put them all on the same team you would have the best performing dealership in the nation hands down.  There are obvious factors like advertising and the demographics of the area, but provided the business is there they will outperform all others. 

In a country where we all stand under the same flag and say we are all equal,  and consider nothing more american then baseball, we should start looking at what controls the outcomes of our favorite past time. Who is it that pays the payrolls of the players and team owners.  It is the average Joe watching the game with his family wearing Rangers Jerseys, it is you and me.  If it isnt equal in competition then its nothing more then an expensive show of MLB’s Poster boys wearing pin stripes.    I dont know about you but I dont like being conned. 



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